Board of Directors


For information on the BC Carriage Driving Society, please feel free to contact us.

President – Dennis Huber

Vice President – Christina Nash

Past President –

Secretary – Connie Baxter

Treasurer - Kimberly Taylor

Directors At Large:
Caro Clark: Fraser Valley
Tina Knott: Vancouver Island
Crystal Michels: Cariboo North
Christina Nash: Vancouver Island
Esther Pederson: Peace Region

Chapter Directors:

Cariboo – Dennis Huber

Fraser Valley - Robyn Masse

Okanagan – Jennifer Marshall

Vancouver Island – Pip Breckon

North Cariboo – Joan McNaughton

BCCDS Committees

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Rules Committee Members: Dennis Huber, Tina Knott, Carol Cody, Crystal Michels
rules at

Bursary Committee Members: Dennis Huber, Joan McNaughton
bursary at

Membership Committee Members: Tina Knott, Esther Pederson
membership at

Events Committee Members: Robyn Masse, Pip Breckon, Christina Nash
events at

Webinar Committee Members: Crystal Michels, Pip Breckon, Joan McNaughton
webinars at

Media Committee Members: Pip Breckon, Caro Clark, Crystal Michels
media at